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The Hosts

Welcome to On The Run With Beards and Dun. Since 1978 we have been best friends and love to share stories of our many adventures. Our podcast will give anyone who wants to be inspired, motivated and entertained, the opportunity to connect with legendary 2:08 marathoner and storyteller Dick Beardsley and his buddy, 2:18 marathoner Mike Dunlap.


Dick BEARDSley

Mike DUNlap

Dick Beardsley is a best selling co-author and champion - in running and in life. Although his competitive running career as an elite athlete ended in 1988, Dick is still one of the top American distance runners of all time, reflected with a time of 2:08:53 in the 1982 Boston Marathon. Best known for his 1982 Boston Marathon "Duel in the Sun" with Alberto Salazar, Dick is also a two-time Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier. He is a two-time winner of the Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota, with a time of winning 2:09:36 and co-winner of the 1981 London Marathon, with a time of 2:11:48.  Dick is also the course record holder for the Napa Valley Marathon, with a winning time of 2:16:20 in 1987.

For more information about Dick, visit his website here.

Mike grew up on a dairy farm near Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  He attended high school in Lennox, SD where he excelled in Track and Cross Country. He still has a top 3 all time performance for 1600 meters (4:23.4) and 3200 meters (9:37.6) in the history of Lennox Track and Field.  He attended South Dakota State University where he received his BS and MS degrees in Health, Physical Education and Recreation. He held SDSU school records for 10,000 meters (30:29) and the marathon (2:20:31). He also formed his lifelong friendship with Dick Beardsley in the fall of 1978. 

Mike had a 20-year running career.  He completed 11 marathons, winning 4 of them. He finished top 10 in all his marathons except his fastest – Boston(1983), when he finished in 69th place in 2:18:26.  Chronic knee injuries lead him to cycling in 1991. He took the same passion/obsession he had for running to his cycling.  He has competed in endurance cycling events throughout the US. From 24 hour cycling races (422 miles) to Race Across America (3000 miles) and Race Across the West (860 miles).  

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