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Funny stuff happens

The group above took a road trip to the Fiesta Bowl Marathon in December 1977. How could this group of innocent looking people, traveling in the ultamate hippie vehicle (Volkswagen van), ever have any problems with law inforcement??? Even though Paul Boursma (Wolfman) was with his girlfriend at this time, he and Jackie Cutler (behind Dun) would go on to get married a few years later!! Alan Straatmeyer is in the middle. Al ran 2:42:19 at this same race in 1979 to set the all-time SD high school marathon best.

The above photo was taken at around midnight at the Black Hills Running Camp circa 1986. Kathy and Paul Young along with the Beards are in the process of closing down the Brandin Iron Bar in Nemo, SD. The camp was held for from 1986-88. We would get 25-30 runners to come spend 3-4 days running in the woods and learning about becoming better runners. Beards hosted another camp at Rainbow resort from 2002-2012 and that was a blast!!

Here is Dun explaing to the Wannick brothers Clint(white top) and Don(red kit) and another camper at the BH running camp how Beards tried to poison him with dish soap!!

The Beards was visiting us in Spearfish, SD and after a run in some cold conditions, he got cleaned up and was still cold. So, he decides our radiator heat was just the ticket to warm him up. This guy is never boring!!!!

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