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1978 - Let the fun begin!

Printed below is the final summer mileage for the 1978 SDSU cross country teams. The new guy, that we didn't know, is the guy with all the miles. Every week we would send a post card (yes, a post card) with our daily/weekly mileage on it. Coach Undie would send out that weeks totals in a newsletter so everyone would see what everyone else was doing. Jay Dirksen has started this "tradition" and it worked. Nobody wanted to turn in a week with nothing on it. Of course, this was totally on the honor system. But, come the first few workouts of the upcoming season, you could tell who had put in the miles. I was always one of the top mileage guys. I loved running and with limited talent I had to compensate with quantity. I would send in a 70 mile week and Dick would have a 75 mile week. So, I upped my next week mileage to 80 and he would see this and up his next week to 85. I would see this and go to a 90 mile week. You see how this works. I didn't know anything about Dick at this point other than I admired his work ethic.

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