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1978 - Running with Friends is the Best!!

The first week of college in the fall was always exciting. I enjoyed getting back together with friends/team-mates and settling into the routine of training and school. The cross-country team would always meet in the lobby of Brown Hall (most of the team lived there) and we would head out on our morning run. So many fun memories of good natured comradery on those easy runs. The first picture is the group heading out on the 5 mile "pig loop" that went out though the north end of the campus but (you guessed it) the hog lots. Nice shot of the SDSU campanile in the background. The second shot is coming in by the Brookings high school on the 3M 5 mile loop. See if you recognize some of these youngsters! Dick, I and the Bills brothers are in both photos. Not sure what happened to the Brandt twins??!! Oh ya, these were morning runs!!

L-R Joe Chamberlain, Ken Cizado, Bryan Thoreson, Mike Dunlap, Mike Bills, Jan Cain, Mark Bills, Steve Lund, Dick Beardsley, Mark Steinborn, Brent Sperl, Pete Casper

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