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1982 was a pretty good year!

Beards started the year with a 2:12 marathon at Houston. He then had his epic "duel in the sun" with Alberto Salazar, followed by a dominant win at Grandma's on a tough day. Dun had a great summer of racing and completed in 3 marathons (Grandma's - 2:21:10, Black Hills - 2:21:08 and Twin Cities 2:21:09. All his marathons were run differently (pace wise), but all came out with the pretty much the same time~ All three races were within two seconds of each other! Below are a few pictures from that summer and fall.

After Grandma's marathon in June, Bob Bartling put together a relay team with Dun, Tammi Wermers, and Virgil Tjeerdsma for the Lake Kampeska relay.

Dun ran in the 1982 Black Hills marathon. He had won the race in 1979 and so had race number #1; Only time he received money to race - $300.

After Grandma's, Dun was offered a sponsorship with the Brooks Racing Team. It was so cool to have a shoe/equipment sponsor. They had multiple models of training shoes, but NO racing shoes so we had permission to wear whatever racing shoe we wanted. The racing shoe didn't come out until early 1983 - hence the Nike Mariahs . The deal was you had to race in their uniform and wear their apparel in any "public" appearances (pre/post race, etc.) Posing in front of some "hardware" collected between 1979-1982.

4 weeks after running Black Hills marathon Dun lined up at the Twin Cities marathon. He wasn't sure how running two marathons so close together would work, but he decided to go out with the leaders and see what happen: 1:07 for the first half - 1:14 for the second half is what happened. Left to right: Inge Simonsen (DNF), Paul Rather (DNF), Alan Zachariasen (1st), Stig.Roar Husby (4th) Dun (8th), Al Zetterland (2nd)

Two weeks after the Black Hills Marathon and two weeks before Twin Cities Marathon, Beards and Dun headed up to Thunder Bay, Canada. Beards won the 1/2 marathon despite a head cold and Dun was 5th in the 10K with very tired legs.

1982 Twin Cities Marathon results.

A fun end of the racing season is the annual Turkey Trot - but it was more of a dash. Some SDSU runners showed up and the race was on. Dun and Virgil Tjeerdma pulled away from the pack in the last mile and came in together. Their future together as runners is a great story and you'll hear it on a upcoming podcast.

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