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Former head SDSU Cross Country and Track coach Scott Underwood

Photo of the Top 10 finishers at the 1978 NCC meet. Dan Obrien (USD) in 1st, John Smith (USD) in 5th and Curt Bacon (NDSU)10th. Coach Underwood shared the story on our podcast about Curt Bacon stating that he would not be able to make our team and Ken Cizadlo having one of his best races ever. Ken does look pretty happy between Paul Brandt and me. Here's the photo proving it.

After the finish of the 1978 National Meet where Dick and I finished in 55th and 56th place - coach Underwood was pretty understanding that we felt bad enough about not running well. That's Dick, behind Scott and me, trying to explain what happened. He didn't have to say much and the fact that we did end up in 2nd place as a team, made the day brighter.

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