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Beards and Dun loved to race. In the 70's/early 80's there was pretty much a race within driving distance every weekend and the r guys rarely missed a weekly race. Even though they loved training - they both agree that there is no training as good as a race.

Below is Dun's 1979-1982 race schedule. Injuries in the spring of 1980 prevented him from training until after his wedding on May 31st. His 1981 races were limited to 3 races early in the year as a hamstring injury (darn SD winters) took him out until 1982. He definitely was making up for missed races in 1982. After Grandma's Marathon in June of 82, Beards raced almost every weekend all over the United States. He was definitely in great demand.

1981 - January - Houston Marathon 2:19:48 - 7th

February - Worthington, MN 10K - 31:20 - 1st

Statehood Days 10 mile Lincoln, NE 49:43 - 8th

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