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What to do after you run a 2:09 marathon?

After Grandma's 2:09 win, Beard's 13 consecutive personal bests record ended with this trip to Stockholm, Sweden and a 2nd place finish behind Bill Rodgers.

But he did come away with a good bit of $$$. Tune into the podcast to hear about that.

This article came out in late 1981 updating South Dakota on the Beard's progress. I was working at Athletic Attic for Neil Graff and we set one of the watches at the store to run and we stopped it at 2:09:36 so the Argus Leader photographer could grab a photo of the watch on Beard's winning time. I really didn't want to screw that up!! I think he was in town to run the Sioux Falls/Harrisburg road race on his way to Bonesteel for Thanksgiving. Fun memories.

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